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The best known of the Chinese Medicine techniques, acupuncture utilizes fine needles to clear the meridians through which Qi (Vital Energy) flows.


Chinese Herbs

Herbs are from roots, stalks, leaves, barks, flowers and fruits. Herbal treatment includes tea,decoction,tablets,capsules or use externally as creams,lotions or washings.


Cupping is used to promote local blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and to address areas of congestion and restriction. In traditional fire cupping, a flame is used to expand the air in the cup so that when it is applied to the skin , a vacuum is created that draws up the skin and increases local circulation. May leave dark marks after the treatment, and disappear in a few days.



The use of moxa burned above or on the skin in order to warm meridians and acupuncture points. This technique stimulates the circulation through the points and induces a smoother flow of blood and energy. Often used for cold and deficiency syndrome.



"The acupuncture prices matched what I had been told initially- the consultation was free and each session is €40. You can get an acupuncture session with a massage for €50, and there are some package deals I was very impressed with. It is a purely Chinese centre, but the people who work there speak perfect English, and it really instilled confidence seeing all the holistic treatments that were on offer. I was seen to straight away with no waiting time, and I was able to do a session straight after my consultation. The consultation was very informative, and the acupuncture session itself was very relaxing. I have seen positive results already in terms of my migraines- the severity has definitely reduced, and I have stopped taking painkillers. It is a little too early to tell if the frequency has reduced."

Regular Process


  • Tongue Evaluation

  • Pulse Diagnostics

  •  Acupuncture treatment

  • Herbal Recommendations as appropriate

  • Cupping or Moxibustion as needed

  • Plan for course of treatment




"It was the first time that I turned to Chinese Medicine and am very satisfied with results. I came with quite bad postpartum skin condition which was dealt with 5 sessions of acupuncture an one week of herbal tea. I felt the result after first session and by the time we finished the course it went back to normal. At first I thought that the herbal tea was bit expensive - 50€ but I do not think it would be charged for less anywhere else and what is most important it worked. Definitely recommend this clinic - nice staff, good prices (I got 20% when you get 5 sessions) and they know what they are doing.


" I'm really happy with my treatments.So far so good and I'm awaiting for further results. I trust acupuncture and I know it will benefit soon."


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