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Do you feel cold?How could Yang deficiency people survive in this cold season?

cold is the first manifestation of Yang deficiency in Chinese medicine.
Cold is the first manifestation of Yang deficiency in Chinese Medicine.

What is Yang Deficiency Syndrome?

Yang deficiency means that the energy of life is not vigorous, and mainly involves the deficiency of kidney Yang, spleen Yang, and heart Yang.

Main symptoms of Yang deficiency
  • Chills and aversion to cold. The back and abdomen are particularly noticeable. And the cold feeling can even spread from hands and feet to elbows and knees.

  • Loss of libido. As the kidney system governs reproduction in Chinese medicine, kidney Yang deficiency can cause loss of libido and frigidity.

  • Sore back and legs. Low level of Yang energy will lead to slow movement of energy and bad circulation of blood. Therefore, pain in heals, waist, legs, and even swelling of lower limbs are all common symptoms.

  • Frequent urination. Due to Yang deficiency, water metabolism cannot be carried out sufficiently. More water passes through and urinates directly. When children frequently wet the bed and elder people often urinate at night during the sleep, Yang deficiency should be considered.

  • Diarrhoea. Lacking of energy for digestion, the process of converting food into nutrients will be affected. Therefore, people with yang deficiency are prone to indigestion and frequent diarrhoea which are common when they wake up in the morning.

  • Bad mood. Insufficient yang energy can lead to lack of vitality. People with yang deficiency syndrome are likely to fall into depression, sorrow, and sadness, which can be worse in a bad weather or environment.

yang deficiency in Chinese medicine is like the sun loose its light and heat power
yang deficiency is like the sun loose its light and heat power

What do you need to do for Yang Deficiency

1. Avoid cold drinks and cold food.

Our body needs to consume much more Yang energy to warm up the cold drinks and food before the normal process of digestion. Therefore, cold drinks and food will aggravate the condition of Yang deficiency.

2. Keep warm all the time.

Coldness is the biggest enemy of Yang energy. Keeping the body warm, especially in the abdomen, lower back and lower limbs, can minimise the loss of Yang energy.

3. Get more sunshine.

We have Du channel on the back, which is the “ sea of Yang channels”. Sitting under the sun in the morning can replenish Yang energy.

4. Go to bed early and get up early.

Chinese medicine believes that sleeping is a big tonic for human body. The time for our body to restore Yang energy is from 9pm to 3am. The less sleep during this period, the less Yang energy will be restored.

5. Exercise in the morning

It is beneficial for our body to invigorate Yang energy in the morning. An appropriate activities without too much sweat can help Yang deficiency people to boost up level of Yang energy. Getting up too late in the morning will also prevent Yang energy from rising up.

6. Have a lunch break

After working for a whole morning, Yang energy needs to accumulate and restore for the activities in the afternoon. It is recommended to have a lunch break for 10-15 minutes at noon. This are especially beneficial for the Yang energy in the heart. You can lie down and take a nap, or meditate with your eye closed.

7. Don’t eat too full

Overeating for a long time can excessively consume Yang energy of digestive system. Once the digestive function is affected, energy cannot be obtained efficiently through diet.

8. Eat more food with Yang energy

Ginger is the first choice for boosting Yang energy. Other spicy spices such as chilli, pepper, onion and garlic can also benefit for people with Yang deficiency. Beef and mutton are helpful for people to resist the cold in winter. For vegetables, leek, okra, pumpkin, are recommended.

For fruits, you can choose longan and cherries. People with kidney deficiency should eat nuts such as cashews, walnuts and pine nuts.

9. Prevalent Chinese herbal medicines for Yang deficiency.

Jin Kui Shen Qi Wan and You Gui Wan are used for kidney Yang deficiency, whereas Li Zhong Wan are suitable for spleen Yang deficiency.

There are two main kinds of Chinese herbs for Yang deficiency. One kind can provide mild and comfortable energy for our body, like the sun in spring. Ba Ji Tian, Xian Ling Pi, Bu Gu Zhi belong to this. The other kind can provide fiery, blazing and scorching energy, like the sun in summer. Fu Zi, Rou Gui are the examples.

The stronger of the energy, the more toxic of the herbs. So all these above need to be applied under the guidance of a professional Chinese doctor.


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