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Fighting Cold and Losing Weight

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

We all know that the function of fat is to keep body warm. In cold season, animals will restore more fat to defend against the cold. In modern society, the external cold has less effect on humans, because there is radiators in the room and there are cars for outside travelling. However, modern people are still suffering from cold syndrome which are more likely caused by internal factors such as irregular life routine, staying up late, cold food and drinks, etc. When the internal environment of the body become cold, metabolism rate will slow down and the accumulating of various toxins and fat in the body will give birth to obesity.

How to know that there is cold in the body?

  • fatigue

  • cold hands and feet

  • aversion to cold

  • diarrhoea

  • late menstruation with blood clots and pain

  • oedema in legs and feet

  • weakness, soreness in legs and feet and lower back

  • frequent urination at night

  • the above conditions can be relieved by warm

Let's find out the cause of internal cold

1. sleep too late

In Chinese medicine, sleeping well in Zi Shi ( 11pm-1am) is very important for health preservation. At this time, Yin and Yang are handing over, which means that Yin energy is at its peak and a little Yang energy is beginning to sprout out. People should go to sleep before 11pm in the evening to ensure the rise of Yang energy. Lack of sleep will lead to Yang deficiency. And Yang deficiency leads to internal cold.

2. wear too little

To be more sexy and beauty, people often want to show their fit body shape by wearing less. Necks, shoulders, waist, belly buttons, knees and ankles, are all exposed to the cold environment. In this way, the cold can easily invade the body through these areas. The lower abdomen is the centre of vital energy, the waist is the place for kidney energy, and the nape belongs to the general manager of Yang meridians----Du Mai. These areas are all the most important parts and need to keep warm all the time in cold seasons.

3. eat too cold

Human body need to maintain normal physiological status in a certain temperature. The digestive system is not an exception. A cold diet will consume more Yang energy to warm up first before it can be accepted by stomach. Some people who are greedy to ice creams usually because they have hot feelings inside the body. They will feel more comfortable after the cold diet. This is caused by the unbalanced distribution of Yin Yang energy in the body. The upper part is hot and the lower part is cold. And the cold diet will worse the condition.

4. work too hard

High-intensity work, no matter it is mental or physical, will consume plenty vital energy. And the internal organs will become weak without resting for restoring energy. That is another cause of the internal cold. Which means that the physiology functions of the whole body are at a stagnant and slow level. The compensatory reduction of metabolic rate can help to maintain normal physiological activities of human body.

5. sit too long

Regular exercise can improve the circulation of blood and Qi, which can keep Yang energy in a normal level for internal organs. Most people in modern society, who sitting before the computer at work, sitting in the bed with iPhone, or sitting in the car or bus on the road, have little time for exercises. The movement of energy and blood will become slow, and the physical strength will be reduced. When the internal organs are weakened, the cold will be generated internally.

Cold pathogens in the body can reduce visceral vitality and metabolism, which can cause the accumulation of fat and other toxins produced by slow metabolism. All these messy things are piled together to form obesity. To get rid of internal cold, the above bad habits must be avoided first. And then we can try other methods.

1. Moxibustion

Moxibustion is usually first choice for expelling cold. Some acupoints such as [Da Zhui], [Zhong Wan], [Shen Que], [Guan Yuan], etc., can effectively transfer the heat energy of a burning moxa into body.

2. Ginger

Ginger is popular as a seasoning for food. Meanwhile, both fresh ginger and dried one are all prevalent ingredients in a lot of famous Chinese herbal formulas. Fresh ginger is good at cleaning up cold between meridians and visceral, whereas the dried ginger is good at warming the spleen and stomach to remove the cold and dampness.

3. Exercise

Find out one or two exercise methods which are most suitable for body's physical condition. Remember, the purpose of physical exercise is not only to strengthen muscles, but also to enhance the function of internal organs. If an exercise makes you exhausted, and the energy consuming is greater than restoring, it is the time for you to change the way or method of exercise.

In conclusion, you put on weight only because your body needs to warm up. If you can solve the condition of body internal cold, your body can solve the problem of weight loss by itself.

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