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The main type of TCM syndrome differentiation of male infertility

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Jiayin acupuncture blog about male infertility

Kidney Essence Deficiency

Lower back pain, weak knees, dizziness, weight loss, tiredness, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, some people may have night sweating, afternoon hot flashes, upset feelings, hot hands and feet, red tongue with less coating, and rapid pulse.

Kidney Yang Deficiency

Lower back pain, weak knees, dizziness, cold hands and feet, decreased sexual desire, impotence, premature release, or even inability to ejaculation. Pink tongue with thin coating. The pulse is deep sunken and weak, especially in Chi pulse locations.

Blood Stasis Type

Lower abdominal pain, perineal or scrotum sharp pain, stasis might caused by traumatic injury or surgery history, dark face, purple tongue with dark spots, the pulse is like a tight string and astringent (uneven pulse).

Liver Stagnation Type

Mental depression, low mood, sad, feel suffocated in the chest and sighs, lack of appetite, difficult falling into sleep, or sleeping with too many dreams, pink tongue with thin coating, and thin string pulse.

Qi and Blood Deficiency

Sallow complexion, lack of appetite, tiredness, dizziness, fatigue, short of breath, palpitation, spontaneous sweats or night sweats, cold limbs, pink tongue with thin coating, thin and weak pulse.

Damp Heat Type

The urine is burning and astringent pain, frequent and urgent urination, testicular bloating, wet vaginal area, impotence, premature ejaculation, red tongue with yellowish greasy coating, rapid slippery and string pulse.

If the damp-heat affects the liver channels, people may have headache, inflammation in the eyes, body side pain, bitter taste in mouth, itchy or swelling around the vaginal area, ejaculation pain, yellow and odorous semen.

Cold Damp Type

Long term infertility, low sexual desire, fatigue, tiredness, erection is not strong enough, white and greasy tongue, sunken slow pulse or thin slippery pulse.

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