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The main type of TCM syndrome differentiation of female infertility

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Kidney Deficiency Type

Delayed menstrual period, low menstrual blood volume and light color, dizziness, tinnitus, lower back sore, legs weakness, palpitation, dry skin, pale complexion, pink tongue and very thin coating, deep and fine pulse, especially in Chi pulse locations.

Liver Stagnation Type

Pre-menstrual breast swelling pain, discomfort in the chest and rib-side area, abdominal bloating pain, mental depression, irritability, red tongue, thin coating and string pulse, especially in Guan pulse locations.

Phlegm-Dampness Type

Often overweight, delayed menorrhea or even amenorrhea, white and sticky vaginal discharge, chest congestion, nausea and giddiness, white greasy tongue coating and slippery pulse.

Blood Stasis Type

Menstrual blood is purplish black, clots in the blood, poor menstrual flow, or non-stop leakage, lower abdominal pain to press, severe pain before and during the periods, dark-purple tongue, and astringent pulse.

Blood Deficiency Type

Delayed menstruation, decreased blood volume, light reddish color, abdominal dull pain and prefer to press, tired and fatigue, dizziness, blurring of vision. palpitation and insomnia, very weak or intermittent pulse.

Cold—Wombs Type

Cold pain in the lower abdomen during the periods, the pain can relieve by warmth, cold hands and feet, sometimes numbness, cold intolerance, loose stools, pink tongue with white and thin coating, slow and sunken pulse.

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