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What do you need to know for this autumn season of pig year?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

In Traditioal Chinese Medicine, the climate environmental conditions are important pathogenic factors of human beings. From the autumn equinox, ( it is 23rd September in this year), with the day getting shorter and nights getting longer( until the winter solstice reaches the longest night and shortest day), the temperature drops day by day.

However, the weather in this year doesn't seem to be cooler.

According to the ancient Chinese Medicine Classical, in this pig year, the earth ( one of the five moving elements) energy is deficiency. As the digestive system works as the earth energy, people are easy to have problems in stomach and bowl, like diarrhea, IBS, Abdominal distension.

In the autumn season of this pig year, the fire (the other one of the five moving elements) energy boost up over the other four elements. This must lead to warmer than normal. People who suffer from lung diseases may feel worse.

As winter approaches, the climate changes dramatically. It may become very windy and rain heavily sometimes. Patients with skin problems and arthritis should be careful.

Then what should do?

  • The temperature difference between morning and night increases gradually. Keeping warm is very essencial in the morning and evening time. For those who suffer from chronic gastritis, the abdominal area should always keep warm.

  • In autumn season, you should start to go to bed early and get up early. That is one of the most cardinal well-being principle.

  • As our body is going to start restoring energy for next year. You should not do very strong excercises. Especially if it makes you sweat a lot. In addition, dynamic excercises should combine with the static excercises, like meditation.

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